I’m sure this has been the same for a lot of people but dang (!) this summer has been busy! As such, I haven’t done much in the way of social media updates. But here is a post of some Family and Newborn session highlights from the past couple of months. It’ll be split into 2 parts because there are soooo many photos to share. This is installation #1.

Also, here’s a list of My Top 4 Reasons Why I Love Photographing Family and Newborn Sessions:

1) Continuity. Some of the families below I had the honor of taking pictures for the couple’s wedding, then newborn photos, then family photos. This is the type of photographer I strive to be: one you can (and want to!) call back year after year for all those special moments in a family’s history. I love this because I get to build relationships, see how the kids (and parents) have changed over time, and I think this relationship building allows me to capture more natural shots.

2) I am a kid at heart. The things that I consider my best qualities are those that we also cherish in children: I am light-hearted, fun loving, and happy to play. So doing family sessions gives me a great chance to do my job (photography) while also being myself and hanging out with the kind of people I act like most (kids!).

3) Summer fun! I get to take pictures, mostly outdoors, in great weather, in a beautiful part of the country- yea southern Wisconsin!

4) Seeing how LOVED children are. These parents are exceptional- and it’s a good reminder for me of how amazingly difficult and incredibly rewarding it can be to raise children. My goal is to capture this love and a family’s happiness in photos.

I hope you enjoy!

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Maureen Cassidy is a Madison wedding photographer, Madison family photographer & Madison boudoir photographer who loves capturing connections, love and beauty in Wisconsin and around the world. If you would like to send her a message contact her {here}.