I live a really good life and I am so grateful for all of it.   In 2016 Neil and I bought a beautiful old house and blended our families together.  We both thought it would be more challenging but it’s mostly been smooth sailing.  We had Tim Fitch come over one August day to take photos! Tim is super talented and really doesn’t direct but just lets everyone do what they do and captures the moments brilliantly! As you will see, he is king at taking candids! Other highlights were Neil’s sister’s wedding, a big family trip to Zion National park, my family from Philadelphia visiting me here in Madison, a friend vacation to Idaho and my dear father’s surprise 80th birthday party.  I took my favorite photo of 2016 there – a 100% sentimental capture of my dad’s happiest smile with his tongue poking out on one side.  My dad is a quiet guy and I have only seen this most joyous grin a few times in my life.  This photo of my dad (with almost all of his grandkids) makes me so happy, I already have it framed in my bedroom!  It reminds me why I love photography so much!

I am really looking forward to 2017! I only took 10 weddings (last year I had 31!).  I plan to do more family photography and boudoir.  AND I plan to do shit on weekends! For the past 6 summers, I haven’t had much of a summer.  I plan to go to festivals, camp as much as I can, as many lazy mornings as I can get and just be more present for my family life.  So if you’ve been thinking about getting family photos taken, you should please contact me!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope to see you in 2017!

ps. Most of these photos are mine but some are not.  Here is a list of photographers whose photographs I am using in the post.  Lily Chou of Wild about you Photography.  She has mad skills and the fun dance shots are hers from attending Mystic Photography Seminar. Other photos besides Tim Fitch are Amie Heeter, Sharon from SV heart photography, Nikki Hansen, other family members and strangers.

sledding in winter photo candid at reception at mystic photography conference candids of family candids of family daily life candids of family outdoors in madison wi madison children photography family-children-madison family-children-madison-candids wisconsin children playing photos in madison children playing photos in madison playing pie face children playing photos in madison -family-photos-at-a-park in madison -family-photos-at-a-park at devils lake children-family-wisconsin natural photography photos from a wedding in madisonchildren-family-wisconsin-candids-outside-natural

These next set are from TIM FITCH PHOTOGRAPHY! He is king of  “day in the life photos”.  Pure documentary style!

children-family-wisconsin-candids-outside-natural with tim fitch 18-tim-fitch 19-tim-fitch 20-tim-fitch

I got 3 big trips with my family this year.  I am so happy my sisters are good planners! Thanks Kathy and Donna for planning wonderful trips!

vacation-photos of my family family-vacation-photography family-vacation-photography family-vacation-photography family-vacation-photography family-vacation-photography family-vacation-photography

Then I got a friend vacation in Idaho! It was perfect! Hiking, hot spring, friends, fires, guitars…no kids!

family-vacation-photography-candid natural nature family-vacation-photography-candid natural nature family-vacation-photography-candid natural nature

Just a few from Megan and Tony’s wedding.

family-vacation-photography-candid natural nature wedding

My Dad’s surprise 80th birthday.

event party photography

Favorite photo of 2016.

event party photography