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Yeah!!! You are engaged to your FAVORITE person!

It is so special to have found that one person that you love so much, and you are about to commit to an awesome life together. This truly, honestly excites me!

I am a real sucker for love (that is what I love about my job!) and I would LOVE to take pictures that capture what is so cute and special about your relationship.

Let me first say: Engagement photos are totally worth it!  Even the person who says “I hate getting my photograph taken” will be surprised by how good it feels to see these photos. Couples have unanimously told me that our engagement photography session itself was painless, and actually a lot of fun. I actually promise it will be FUN!

Maybe you and your beloved have a special place that feels like your own. I also have some little-known spots to recommend so we can set the stage for any style or mood you’d like to create.

In a park, at a cafe, under a bridge, on your rooftop, I love to photograph relationships, love and romance, laughter and humor.

More than just for the sake of playing in front of the camera, these pictures will be really useful:

1. Use the images on your Wedding Website or Save-the-Date card.

2. Display engagement photos at the Rehearsal Dinner, or use them in the Guest Book.

3. And if you are not a fashion model or movie star, this will really help both of you get more comfortable being in front of my camera.  I get to see your best angles, how you interact, and what makes you laugh and feel comfortable.

It’s worth it and you will love it!